Z1 Men's Peak Performance Olympic 7' Barbell

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The Zion Fitness Z1 Men's Peak Performance 7' Barbell is a premium weightlifting bar without the premium price. Coated with a hard chrome finish, the bar is given a more durable surface with less risk of chipping, cracking, or peeling. 4 needle bearings ensure a smooth, consistent rotation that helps to eliminate unnecessary resistance during your repetitions. Industry-standard bronze bushings installed in each sleeve to further aid in smooth rotations and their durability makes them compatible for both commercial and home gyms. The 28mm diameter bar features custom-tailored dual knurl marks for Olympic lifting and powerlifting. 

Bar Type: Men's Multipurpose

Tensile Strength: 185,000 PSI

Load Capacity: 1500LB

Bar Length: 7' | 2200mm

Bar Weight: 44LB | 20KG

Bar Diameter: 1.1" | 28mm 

Center Knurl: No

Knurl Marks: Dual

Shaft Coating: Hard Chrome Plated

Sleeve Diameter: 2" | 50.8mm

Loadable Sleeve Length: 16" | 406.4mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Suzanne M
I would have no idea because I haven't received it yet. In fact, I don't think it's shipped.

I understand the ease of using automated emails to send customers updates, but to ask for a review because you "fulfilled an order 7 days ago" is hilarious. I haven't even received my item yet, nor any shipping information :P

Luis Ramirez

Great bar for the money. This bar competes with $300 bars from other competitors. It rotates extremely well and is fine for Olympic lifting. It comes packaged well with an oil around the entire bar to help keep the bearings greased and lubricated. It can easily be wiped away with a rag. Even though I didn’t get the free clamps with my purchase it was still worth the money. I ended up buying collar clamps elsewhere. Looking forward to getting magma plates since the quality of this bar is very good. Clean and jerks have never felt this smooth.

Austin Hilton
Very nice bar

The bar is excellent. It is greasy with protectant film but cleans of easily. The only down side is the shipping method. It comes in a tube but the end caps are the thin cheap type. My bar had plunged through and got dented and scratched on one end. Not like it hurts the bar just a shame I’m when you get something you paid for new already removed for the perfect delivery state it could come in. The quality of the bar however feels great and spins very smooth with weight on it.

Mark T
Fast Shipping!

A really high-quality bar for the price. Extremely fast shipping I ordered it and it shipped the same day and arrived two days later! Thanks Zion

Rob Skumb
What a great bar!!

Perfect multi use bar. The bronze bushings give great spin for the Olympic lifts.